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Buffalo, NY Assisted Living Facility


Published April 19, 2018

Why Brompton Heights Assisted Living is Right for You 

Over the years advancements in medicine have done wonderful things for humanity. One benefit of this is that life expectancy has sky rocketed compared to even a generation before. It is not uncommon to see people living into their 90’s or even 100’s. However, folks that reach advanced ages often times need some assistance with their day-to-day lives, and it is not always easy to figure out who is going to be there for them.

Chances are you have heard about assisted living communities but are confused by all they seem to encompass. Before you book your tour with us, here are some details about Brompton Heights assisted living facility that will give you a better understanding of all that we do.

We have been family owned and locally operated for over 25 years in the Buffalo NY area, and we are proud to be a viable option for any assisted living arrangements. Below are just some of the services we offer at Brompton Heights, and you can see how our senior care facilities may be even better than you have imagined.

Assisted Living Facility in Buffalo

 In our assisted living facilities, our priority is attending personalized care routines. Once our residents are up and about in the morning, they are free to pursue hobbies, passions, and interests all day long. If your loved one wishes to continue an active lifestyle but needs a little help in the morning, our assisted living facilities are perfect.

We offer only the best in senior assisted living. There are different room options to suit different preferences, finances, and lifestyles, including; private rooms, presidential suites, private suites, and semi-private rooms.

Buffalo Enhanced Assisted Living

 You may have been to a local nursing home and were not happy with the rooms or the level of nursing care. With our enhanced assisted living, we bridge the gap. Your loved one will have the opportunity to age in a way that is dignified and retain as much autonomy as possible.

When assisted living does not quite fit your loved one's needs, but he or she does not require skilled nursing care, our enhanced assisted living can provide them the life they are looking for.

Your loved one can enjoy all of our inclusive services for senior citizen assisted living and enhanced assisted living services, which include:

•    Fine dining

•    Outings and day trips

•    Personalized care plans

•    Medication management

•    Nurses on site, 24/7

•    Fully furnished residences with private in-suite bathrooms

•    Daily housekeeping and weekly laundry

•    Interfaith chapel

•    Movie theater, ice cream parlor, art studio, billiards and library

•    Scheduled transportation

•    Wander prevention system and emergency call bell system

The best way to understand all that we have to offer is to come and see for yourself. You will see that you will not need to worry about any family member in our care.

Buffalo Short-term Care

 If your loved one has to recuperate after surgery or has an injury to recover from, they may need extra attention for a few days. This is not a problem for our short-term care facility, as we can provide additional care as your loved one’s situation changes.

Buffalo Respite care

 Quite often we see that it is not necessarily the elderly person that has a strict schedule, but the person that has taken on the responsibility of their care. Whether this is for a well-deserved break, a vacation, or simply because of conflicts in their schedule, Brompton Heights can take care of your loved one when you cannot.

Even if your loved one is with us for short-term care, they still receive all the best we have to offer. We have private rooms and suites, as well as semi-private rooms, all with private bathrooms available.

Not to mention that our social calendar is always full, so anyone who stays with us will have things to do all day long. Caring is our privilege, and we always look for ways to entertain the mind, get the body moving, and nourish the soul. Additionally, our fine-dining experiences will have you thinking you are in the finest of country clubs.

Independent Living Facilities in Buffalo

 Our senior independent living facilities are perfect for someone who still enjoys their independence. We help with day-to-day tasks, eliminating domestic stress and creating free time in which you or your family member can enjoy life to the fullest every day. You have your choice of one or two-bedroom private apartments in different sizes, all perfectly adapted to your lifestyle.

Included in our Buffalo independent living facilities are:

•    Chef prepared meals

•    Movie theater, billiard room, ice cream parlor

•    Library and computer center

•    24/7 Recreation programs

•    Interfaith Chapel

•    Outdoor courtyard

•    Community outings

We promise to you that our daily commitment is to the well-being of everyone in our care.

Memory Care Facility

 Each of our residents is unique. For those who require additional focus on their strengths and needs, we have our Buffalo Memory Care facility. Here you will find among the best in the industry in Alzheimer's assisted living.

When a person enters our memory care facility, you can rest assured that they will be treated with the utmost care and respect, as we discover their personal preferences, personal accomplishments, and family ties. With the help of loved ones, we strive to improve the quality of their daily lives.

All of our residents in Memory Care receive:

•    Individualized care plans

•    Assistance with dressing, bathing, and medication management

•    Small group recreational activities, including music therapy and day trips

•    Memory boxes

•    A private dining room just for our memory care residents

•    Interfaith chapel

•    Outdoor courtyard

•    Emergency Call bell and audio nurse-call system in every room

As you can see, at Brompton Heights our Buffalo NY assisted living facility, we take pride in what we do. Our assisted living care is 24/7, so you no longer have to worry whether your loved one is in a safe environment, as you might have to with other nursing homes. Family members can visit whenever they wish, and residents can bring the personal items and furniture that is important to them.

We encourage independent living here. If you need just a small amount of assistance, we are still here for you every day, should you need us. We have made choices easy for you, so book a tour and see how happy residents and families are here at Brompton Heights. Contact us today with any questions you may have.

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