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Meet Our Co-Workers

Co-Worker of the Month
November, 2018

Charlie L.

Charlie Lennon is our Resident of the Month for November. He was born and raised in Buffalo on the West side. He and his wife were married for nearly 60 years and raised 4 kids; 2 daughters, and 2 sons.

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Co-Worker Testimonials

“The reason why I love my job is the residents - truthfully, the residents have stolen my heart. It’s so easy to have fun at work because I am surrounded by truly wonderful people. I can’t believe that I’m lucky enough to work at a place with so many amazing people and that my job is to keep them well-fed and happy! I like that our residents are given a choice of what they would like to eat at their meals and that they can enjoy meals together our spectacular dining room.”

Carol, Fine Dining Server

“The best part about working at Brompton Heights is being part of the resident's lives and knowing that I bring joy to their day. Working as a PCA is a special job because I have direct contact with the residents. I love that I am able to build relationships with every individual and have fun. All co-workers at Brompton Heights are helpful and considerate, and it truly feels like our co-workers and the residents are one big family!”

Stephanie, PCA

“I believe we provide a supportive and nurturing environment for our residents. All of our residents’ medical needs are taken care of, whether it is diabetic care, medication services or memory care. Our co-workers truly believe that it is our privilege to care for our residents, and our nurses make the residents feel very safe and secure.”

Pam, LPN

“I like working at Brompton Heights because the residents are like family. When I come into work, I look forward to seeing their smiles, and I know they look forward to seeing me too, which makes my job so rewarding. Being a part of the Recreation Department gives me the chance to build special relationships with the residents where we can share fun, laughter, and good times. I like getting to know each resident individually and listening to stories about their lives and families.”

Linda, Recreation Aide

“Brompton Heights is a beautiful place, and being part of the Recreation Department is an honor. I love working here because everyone is so nice and there is great interaction among our residents and our co-workers. I love doing activities with the residents – there are so many different programs going on throughout the day! My favorite activity is assisting our residents in the Art Studio. Our residents can freely express themselves through the artistic talents they possess. I get to know the residents better and it gives me a chance to make sure that they’re comfortable with me.”

Courtney, Recreation Aide

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